Cyndy Brings to Life Women of the Bible

Choose your “Girlfriend in a Box” lesson.  

Eve – “The Essence of Eve”
Sarah – “Choosing Promises over Consequences”
Rebekah – “Individual Ideas Create Family Frustrations”
Hagar – “Despair in My Deserts”
Hannah – “Prayers of Misery to Promises of Praise”
Ruth and Naomi – “Lifestyles of Lemonade, Love, and Loyalty”
Michael, Abigail, and Bathsheba – “David’s Disasters and Delights”
Rahab – “Weaver with Scarlet Thread”
Esther – “Fearful or Fearless”
The Unnamed Woman, the Woman at the Well, the Hemorrhaging Woman, the Prostitute – “Hungry for Humility”
Mary and Martha – “The Terms and Tears of Trust”
Mary, Mother of Jesus – “From the Cradle to the Cross”

*Other Great Women Topics Available.

Hug them, Feed them, Tell them about Jesus.

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