Girlfriends in a Box

Ps 139:14 says we “are fearfully and wonderfully made" and yet we rarely feel that way. As we study these chosen Great Women, we will see the Beauty and Strength God gave them…and us! - Cyndy

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Girlfriends In A Box

Strap on your sandals and enter the tents of women once deemed unworthy and forgotten, but now are famous for saving lives and changing the world! “Girlfriends in a Box” is a great way of sharing God’s provision of a meal and sister fellowship while exploring the beautiful stories of the Bible through Cyndy Gusler Ministries.

Cyndy has a unique way of teaching that relates each story to women of today. You will leave each dinner feeling refreshed, reconnected to the Lord, and ENERGIZED with some new friends. 

Your Box Includes

– Demonstration of a recipe.
– Napkins to coordinate with each lesson.
– Discussion questions during food demonstration.
– Chosen Woman of the Bible lesson and application.

If you’re considering booking a Girlfriends in a Box, click below to view a list of women that Cyndy can bring to you.

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