Hug them, Feed them, Tell them about Jesus.

Those are the simple instructions that He gave me years ago…so simple, that when compared to other Christian speakers and teachers, I was confused and doubted the depth and value of them. However, He still whispers them every day in my heart.

 Tonight I am eating the leftovers of the Wednesday night dinner of the incredible women that came to bear their hearts and souls to one another. And as with leftovers, every time you reheat them, they are rearranged and a few elements are gently added to make a new wonderful dish.

 1- We had some changes at the Vineyard these last couple of days, creating an area for us to make a prayer garden. With rosebushes and stones and beautiful petite chairs and tables for conversation. With a friend or with your Father.

2- In the last three days, I have heard from six ladies who attended the Wednesday night dinner, wanting to come back and meet again and again and again! Wanting to be encouraged, seek wisdom, give advice, cry and laugh, and just be transparent and real as they are going through one of the worst seasons of their lives. But they are committed and they will not be shaken!

3- I’m eating leftovers because my husband and children are away, and I have a free weekend to sleep and ponder and clean and shop and prepare for the upcoming holidays. And I have had the opportunity to run into precious “kids” from our beloved high school days, who are now young adults making a mark on the world! And also I’ve talked to several ladies who have come to the Vineyard at various times in their lives, who have moved on and are stepping into new journeys! I am in awe of how God has orchestrated such beautiful things in all of their lives!!

 So…I am here.

Available. Whenever.

Willing to go wherever and come hug, feed, and teach!

No stress, no organized religion.

Just Jesus.

“Speak, Lord, Your servant is listening!”

1 Samuel 3:9